Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Nasty Gal Wish List - Part Two

Hi guys! I thought I would share a few more items from the amazing clothing website 'Nasty Gal.' Back in April, I posted another wish list for this brand that you can read here. Today my wish list is going to be purely focused on the websites dress range because, as mentioned in part one of my wish list, I think that Nasty Gal's dresses are really beautiful and unique. Please bear in mind that the brand is American, however I am from England, so I have converted the prices below from dollars to pounds! 

1. Flower Prism Dress - £30.78
First and foremost, this dress is my favourite of the bunch! Not only is it the most affordable of the three, I am also a huge fan of bodycon dresses as I think that they suit my petite frame best and are not too over-whelming for my shape. Secondly, I am a huge fan of floral prints as they are so girly and feminine. The dress also features black panels that run vertically down the side of the dress, which will consequently be really slimming and give the illusion of an amazing figure. The little added mesh detail on the straps is also really pretty and gives this dress a little something extra, which I personally love. Paired with some heels or wedges, I think that this dress would be perfect for a party or to go clubbing.

2. Azotic Topaz Dress - £212.86
This dress is definitely out of my price range but it was too gorgeous for me not to not feature it in this blog post! I am a big fan of skater dresses as they were accentuate a small waist and give the illusion of a lovely, hourglass-like figure. Obviously, the most stand-out feature of this dress is the cut-out back which I love because I think that sometimes it is nicer to reveal a little bit of flesh there, as opposed to showing your cleavage or other areas. Also, mint has been a very popular colour this year in terms of clothing and teamed with the black & white, the colours all really pop. In addition, the little capped sleeves can be really flattering and cover you up just a little more.

3. Lush Life Dress - £50.01
Last but not least, this dress is extremely daring and I am obsessed with it. Not only is the dress incredibly bright in both colour and pattern, the black piping and straps make this dress utterly unique. I really like the mish-mash of patterns within this dress (such as the leopard print,) as it gives off a bit of a tropical feel to it. The dress is a silky material which I think would hang really nicely on the body, as well as feel really high-end/designer. The only downside to this otherwise amazing dress would be if you had a slightly bigger bust, then the bra situation may be a slight issue because the back of this dress is fully open.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the pieces that I have selected and I do urge you to check out the website as there are so many beautiful pieces on there! Please feel free to let me know what you think of my choices by leaving me a comment below, I love reading what you guys think! Thank you :)

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