Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Monthly Favourites - August 2014

Hi guys, I cannot believe that it's September tomorrow! Like always, this month has flown by and I am very sad that it is now the end of summer here in England. Throughout the month of August, I have discovered a lot of new products that I have been loving and it was very hard to pick my favourites this month. However, with that being said, I managed to narrow it down to five great products - let's get started!

Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Herbal Shampoo - £1.00
First up, I have recently discovered this shampoo from Alberto Balsam. Up until now, I have been using John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Shampoo to aid my fine hair but it is quite expensive per bottle. So, I wanted to find an alternative shampoo that I could use for everyday use. Not only does this shampoo smell amazing (I love raspberry scents) but it does an excellent job at giving my roots a deep clean, as my fine hair can get greasy quickly. I find the formula to be really nourishing too and my hair always feels silky soft! However, the best part of this shampoo is that it only £1 from my local Savers, but the product itself feels of a much higher quality than its worth.

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in LA Exclusive - £7.99
Next is this super popular new product from Revlon, their ColorStay Moisture Stain lip glosses. I 'm not going to go into too much detail because I recently did a full review of this product here but all I will say is that this product is amazing! The formula is buttery, the pigmentation is on point and I love the fact that after the gloss wears off, you are left with a nice and even stain. I have been wearing LA Exclusive (a vivid baby pink) almost every day since I bought it, it's a great daytime shade!

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser - £6.40
Again I posted a more in depth review of this product here on my blog on Thursday, so I am going to keep this review short and sweet! Dark Angels is a charcoal-based cleanser that is super exfoliating and is great at balancing out oily skin. Ever since I tried out a tester of this product a few months ago, I fell in love with it and I knew that I had to buy the full-size! The following day after using Dark Angels, my skin is always looks a lot clearer and fresher. This cleanser is rapidly becoming one of my favourites!

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Prince - £6.00
This nail varnish was a gift from my friend Lucy for my 20th birthday a few months back. I was really intrigued to use this polish because I have never tried any Urban Outfitters polishes in the past. Not only is the bright,almost neon purple colour gorgeous but it gives a really glossy finish too. Of course, it's not the most long wearing polish in the world but with a good top coat it lasts a decent amount of time. However, that doesn't phase me too much because the shade is just too striking to resist!

Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser - £4.99
Last but not least is this very handy Spray & Go Moisturiser by Vaseline (read my full review here.) I am very lazy when it comes to body moisturisation, so this product has been a godsend for me this month. Due to it being so easy and quick to use, I am now moistursing every day and am really enjoying do so. The formula sinks into the skin really quickly which means that it is not sticky and you can get dressed immediately after applying it. Plus, the fact that it also smells like cocoa butter is an added bonus too!

So, that's it favourites wise for this month. I hope you've enjoyed reading about what I have been loving throughout August! What have been your favourite products this month? Have you used any of the products mentioned in my post before? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lush's Dark Angels Cleanser

Hi guys. Today I am reviewing one of my favourite skincare products from Lush Cosmetics; Dark Angels. After only having used Lush's bath products in the past, on a trip to my local store a few months ago I was interested to have a little look around and see what else the store had to offer. With some help from a lovely sales assistant, I walked away with a tub of the Ultrabland cleanser (review here) and a tester of Dark Angels that she thought I would also enjoy. After using up every little scrap of the tester and seriously loving the results, I knew I had to go back and buy the full size version... and now I have finally got my hands on it!

Dark Angels is a charcoal based cleanser that also has great exfoliating qualities. Therefore, I find that this product is perfect for my skin type as I have oily skin that is also prone to dry patches. The reason for this is that charcoal is a well-known ingredient for balancing out oily/combination skin and combating shine. Another main ingredient in Dark Angels is black sugar, which again helps to exfoliate the skin alongside the charcoal. Also, as scrubbing your skin can sometimes leave it feeling stripped or sensitive, avocado oil has also been added to the product to inject some moisture back into your skin and to soften it a little.

To use the product, all you have to do is get a small amount of it on to your hand and then add a little bit of water until it forms a paste, and then apply it in circular motions to your skin. Due to the fact that Dark Angels is an exfoliant and can be abrasive, I tend to be very gentle when applying it and I also avoid going to close to the skin around my eyes, which is extremely sensitive. I also like to apply a rich moisturiser after rinsing Dark Angels off of my skin for an extra hit of hydration too. I always use this product at night time before bed and when I wake up the next morning, I am always super pleased with the results. My skin looks clearer, fresher and a lot less oily!

The only downfall to this product in my opinion is that it can be incredibly messy to use. Little bits of charcoal and murky grey water seem to find their way all around my sink,which is a little bit annoying but it can easily be wiped or washed away. However, despite this, I think that it is a small price to pay considering how amazing the product is!

Overall, I cannot recommend Dark Angels enough! It is an excellent 2-in-1 product that offers a deep cleanse and exfoliation all in one. It is great at balancing out oiliness, clearing up blemishes and just generally refreshing and renewing your skin! Although it may be a little messy to use, it is extremely worth it for the results that you can see just after one use. Plus, a little goes a long way and so this product is great value for money too.

Dark Angels comes in two sizes; 100g for £6.40 and 25g for £16.00, which you can buy in any Lush store or on their website here.

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Miss Selfridge Wish List

Hi guys. I realised the other day that I have not done a fashion wishlist in quite a long time, as I have been mainly focused on beauty blogging lately but today I have decided to mix it up a little. Personally, I think that Miss Selfridge have really upped their game in the past couple of months and they have some amazing pieces on their website and in-store at the moment. So, today I have picked five items that I am seriously lusting after and that are firmly on my style wish list!

Feather Print 90s Crop - £9.60
First and foremost, my favourite item of the bunch is this gorgeous feather print crop top. If some of you have been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I have an obsession with crop tops but I tend to stick to more floral patterns. I think that this print is really unique and different, plus I love that it is monochrome too! I think that this top could be really versatile for dressing up or down and it is quite the bargain as well! 

Mint Wrap Skirt - £20.00
I have never bought a skort before, even though I think that they are super fun and flattering, but something about this mint number caught my eye. I love the simplicity of it and it would look great with a whole range of different tops too. Due to the fact that the mint colour is incredibly bright, it would look amazing with a tan as well!

Bumble Bee Ring - £4.50
My jewellery collection isn't very extensive but I do love wearing rings! I love this golden bumble bee ring as it is plain and dainty enough to go with any outfit. As I have small hands and fingers, I'm not a huge fan of large statement rings, so this cute accessory is right up my alley!

Tres Chic Clutch - £16.00
Embossed clutch bags have been a major trend lately and I think that the concept of them is so cute! I love the variety of different bags with phrases on that you can now find on the high street. I tend to stick to black bags when I go out as I am usually wearing a patterned bodycon dress of some sort (that's my signature style) but the added detail on this clutch spices up an otherwise plain bag that would therefore be perfect for taking your essentials in on a night out!

Petite Acid High Waist Jeans - £27.20
Last but not least, as autumn is fastly approaching, I am on the hunt for some new jeans to add into my collection. Due to only being 5ft2, I always have to go for petite jeans and these ones are really lovely. The fact that they are high waisted means that I can still wear crop tops and not expose too much flesh, plus I really like the acid wash effect on the denim too!

So, those are the five items from Miss Selfridge that have a place on my fashion wishlist, I hope you have enjoined reading about them! What is your favourite item in this post? What is currently on your wish list? Please let me know be leaving a comment below! :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

My Real Techniques Brush Collection

Hi guys, today I thought that I would share my Real Techniques brush collection with you. Surprisingly and rather embarrassingly, I had never used proper make-up brushes up until last year, aside from a cheap Superdrug brush to apply powder and blusher etc. However, after starting my blog in March 2013, I soon discovered Real Techniques brushes and how much everybody adored them. So, I went to Boots and picked up the ever-so-popular Core Collection and that is when my obsession begun. Since then, I have added three more RT brushes to my collection and also hope to buy more in the future. Using high quality brushes has completely revolutionised the way that I apply my make-up and so today I wanted to write a post about the seven brushes that I own so far and what I use each one for. Let's get started!

The Core Collection - £21.99

Buffing Brush - This is without a doubt my favourite brush out of my entire collection, I use it religiously to apply my foundation. I love the way that it blends liquid foundation into my skin so easily and buffing the product in a circular motion leaves me with such an amazing yet natural finish, no matter how high the coverage is.

Pointed Foundation Brush - Although this brush was originally designed to apply foundation, I actually use this brush for a different purpose. I like to use it to pinpoint applying powder instead. As it is quite small and flat, I like to pat on powder under my eyes and so on to set my concealer in place and make sure that it doesn't budge throughout the day.

Contour Brush - Similarly with the contour brush, I tend to use this brush to apply powder highlighters instead. The shape and size of the brush makes it perfect for applying highlighter on the high point of my cheekbones to add luminosity and dimension to the skin. However, on the odd special occasion when I do decide to contour, this would be the brush that I would reach for too.

Detailer Brush - This is definitely the brush that I get the least use out of. I haven't really found many uses for it aside from pinpointing concealer on to really small areas such as blemishes, so that is what I use it for when pesky spots occur. I could also use the detailer brush to apply lipstick precisely but I tend to do just fine applying lipstick directly from the tube.

Powder Brush - £12.99
The powder brush is the first extra brush that I bought after purchasing the core collection. I love how big the brush is and it makes it so easy and quick to apply powder to set the rest of my make up. I think that the brush picks up the perfect amount of product too, so it never applies too cakey or thick.

Blush Brush - £9.99
The blush brush is my second favourite brush from my collection, as well as being one of the newest editions to my set. I love how fluffy this brush is and how it is slightly tapered, which means it applies blusher and bronzer beautifully. Just like the powder brush, it applies the perfect amount of product on to my cheeks.

Expert Face Brush - £9.99
I got the expert face brush for my birthday along with the blush brush above. I wanted it as an alternative to applying foundation as so many people rave about it but I do not like it anywhere near as much as my buffing brush, so I do not use this one very often. However, it is great for blending out blusher or bronzer if I have applied too much, so that is what I tend to use it for.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my Real Techniques brush collection! I think its safe to say that I would never go back to not using brushes ever again because I love them so much. Real Techniques are a wonderful brand and have amazing yet relatively affordable brushes, and the fact they are designed my Sam and Nic Chapman (aka Pixiwoo) makes them even better! Do you own any RT brushes? Which one is your favourite? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

DIY: My Bedroom Photo Board

Hi guys. Today, I thought that I would show you something a little bit different here on my blog. I love DIY projects that enable me to explore my creative side and I also love making my bedroom feel more cosy and personal to me, so a few years ago I created a photo board to have on the wall above my bed. As I have recently renewed my board with some up-to-date pictures, I thought that I would share it with all of you and hopefully this post may inspire you to create your own board full of your favourite memories.

Creating the board is very simple as all you need is; a notice board, an electric drill, a spirit level, push pins and your favourite photos. To get the board onto my bedroom wall, my Dad aka the DIY master helped me out to make sure that everything was done correctly. We simply positioned the board in the centre of my wall and used a spirit level to make sure that it was straight before drilling it into the wall. The notice board that I bought was from Homebase (see here) already had fixing hooks attached to it which made this process very simple.

After the board is secure, all you have to do is decorate it! I simply positioned my photos sporadically and fastened them to the board using various coloured push pins to make it even more decorative. As well as photographs of my friends and family, I also decided to add other items that fueled specific memories on to my board such as gig tickets and wristbands. After this, I still had a few gaps so I routed around my room for a few more random items to complete the board. I found a pretty dream catcher, some stickers and some cute note cards etc.

I am so pleased with the end result and I especially love being able to look at all of my favourite photos and people in one place if I'm ever feeling down. I hope you have all enjoyed this little DIY post as it is obviously something a little different for my blog. I think that a photo board like this one is a great way of personalising your bedroom and letting your creative juices flow at the same time. Plus, it's an inexpensive way of bringing some more excitement into your decor! Also, I would love to know what some of your favourite DIY projects are for decorating your bedrooms and get some more inspiration, so please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Vaseline's Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser

Hi guys, today I am blogging about the ever-so-popular Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser (RRP £4.99.) Although this product has been on the shelves for quite a while now, I have only just gotten around to picking up a bottle. One of the main reasons for this is because I already had tons of moisturiers and body butters to get through before I could even fathom adding another one to my collection. However, now that I have worked through most of my stash, I must say that I am so pleased with the latest edition to my collection! So, I knew that I had to write a raving review on it ASAP. Let's get started!

The reason why I gravitated towards this product is because I tend to be quite lazy (like the majority of us are) when it comes to body moisturisation. The process of having to spend several minutes applying and rubbing in a thick moisturiser or body butter is very tedious, so it's a step in my beaut regime that I often avoid. However, I have definitely been converted to using Spray & Go because as the name suggests, it's very quick and easy to use!

First of all, the lotion comes out in a continuous and fine mist as you spray it all over your body. So, in hindsight, you can probably cover your entire body in mere seconds as opposed to when you apply a normal moistursing product. Secondly, the consistency of the product is incredibly light and so it requires minimal rubbing in and it does not feel at all greasy or sticky on the skin. Another thing that I love about Spray & Go is how it smells. There are three different scents to choose from in the range; Essential Moisture, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Radiant - which is what I opted for. Its rich cocoa scent is almost good enough to eat and it lingers on your skin for absolutely ages, I have even had compliments on it!

As for how my skin actually feels, it is definitely less dry but of course this is only a light every day moisturiser, so I will definitely still be reaching for my thicker lotions and body butters when my skin needs a real hit of hydration! However, Spray & Go is a great product to have in my bathroom to ensure that I remember to moisturise on a more regular basis (or every day if possible!)

Overall, I am extremely pleased that I finally purchased Spray & Go. It has definitely made moisturising much less of a chore for me and has turned it into something that I enjoy to do on a daily basis! I definitely recommend this moisturiser to anybody who is a little bit lazy like me, as it is such a handy product. Have you tried one of the scents in the Spray & Go range before? What were your thoughts on it? Please let me know by leaving a comment below, thank you!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains Review

The Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains have finally reached the UK and they are causing quite a stir amongst all of us beauty bloggers, and with good reason too! Despite the fact that these stains have only been on sale for a few weeks, they are already proving to be extremely popular. Over the weekend I picked up two shades from the collection and I am obsessed with them already, so I knew I had to a do a review on them pronto. Let's get started!

So far, there are 12 gorgeous shades in this ever-so-popular collection and each product name is a different city from around the world; London Posh, Milan Moment, LA Exclusive, Cannes Crush, Barcelona Nights, Rio Rush, Miami Fever, India Intrigue, Shanghai Sizzle, Stockholm Chic, New York Scene and Parisian Passion. The two shades that I opted for are LA Exclusive (a Barbie-like baby pink) and India Intrigue (a deep pink.)

As for the formula, I have heard that they have quite a similarity to the YSL Glossy Stains, although I have never personally tried them. When first applied to the lips, the gloss does feel quite thick but it actually feels buttery and not at all sticky. The pigmentation is also seriously amazing, as the colour instantly comes out very opaque. I love how wide the doe foot applicator is too, as it makes swiping on the gloss an absolute breeze! The applicator has a slight pointed tip as well, which is very handy for when you want to be more precise around your lip line. As the glossiness wears away over time, you are then left with a nice and even stain to your lips which is very long-lasting. 

Another great thing about the ColorStay Moisture Stains is the packaging. I love sleek design, as well as the fact that you can see the colour of the product clearly, instead of having to open it or look at the product name itself ti ensure you have the correct product. This packaging is simple yet effective and it looks great in my clear lipstick storage container on my shelf.

There are some great offers on this product at the moment. In Boots, you can pick up a Moisture Stain for £7.99 and get a second one for half price. Superdrug also have an amazing offer where you can buy the product for just £5.99, what a bargain! Although, I am not sure how long this offer is on for so best get in quick if you want to grab a couple of shades.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my overview of the ColorStay Moisture Stains. I am really loving the two colours that I have bought so far and no doubt, I will probably pick up a few more in the near future as the formulation and shade range is so on point! What do you think of this new range? Have you tried it yet? What is your favourite shade? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Friday, 1 August 2014

My Summer Beauty Essentials

Hi guys. Instead of doing my usual monthly favourites post, today I thought that I would talk you through my summer essentials instead. The main reason for this is that I haven't really got any new favourites at the moment, as I have been chopping and changing between products a lot and not sticking to a few key items. As the weather in the UK is pretty great (although humid) right now, I thought this would be an appropriate time to share which products keep me looking and feeling pretty during these high heats. Let's get started!

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion - £5.10
First up is my current go-to tanning product, Garnier's Summer Body. The reason that I love this product so much is because I am not an avid tanner and so I do not like using fully-fledged tanning products in the form of mousses and so on. A moisturiser with a hint of tan is enough for me! Not only does this product leave me with a gorgeous, sunkissed colour, it also glides on seamlessly and sinks in relatively quick too! Plus, it's very affordable and has a pleasant apricot scent instead of that awful biscuit smell that most tanning products produce! Overall, this is a great lotion to use if you want a result that is not too in your face or unnatural. I will be using this time and time again!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub - £8.00
Next up is my all time favourite body scrub, Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush. The scent of this is amazing! The combination of brown sugar and lime makes this product almost good enough to it and a joy to use. As for the scrub itself, it strikes the perfect balance between being gentle and abrasive. The gritty granules slough away at dry patches incredibly well but without irritating the skin too much or making it red, which is perfect! A little goes a long way as the tub is so large, which means you definitely get a lot for your money too. I would highly recommend this!

Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant - £5.30
I suppose that deodorants do not get a lot of mention on beauty blogs because let's face it, they're pretty standard and not that exciting to talk about. However, I have been so impressed by this one by Sure. Plus, it's a little different! I think a lot of people that have used this product have been using it in the morning but the box actually suggests that you apply this at night time instead, which is what I have been doing. The cream simply twists up and then it can be applied straight to your underarms. I find the scent really pleasant but of course, the main factor is that it keep sweat and odours at bay - which it does! As it is a cream, it is also very moisturising which is an added bonus for those with dry or sensitive underarms. This deodorant is a must have for summer, as well as all year round too!

Urban Decay Travel Size All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray - £9.00
Last but not least, and one of my favourites of the bunch, is this make-up setting spray from Urban Decay. I am sure that all of us regularly suffer from our make-up sliding off our faces throughout the day, especially when its hot, but this spray has actually revolutionised my routine. Once I have applied all of my make-up for the day, I simply spritz a couple of sprays of the product evenly across my face. No matter how long I have my make-up on for, All Nighter does a great job of setting my face and making sure that it does not wear off throughout the day. It also prevents a large majority of shine and oiliness coming through, which is also handy as I have combination skin. I do only have the travel size but I have a feeling that it will last me a long while, plus this version is a lot friendly on the old purse strings!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my summer essentials. All of the items mentioned above have helped me out a lot during the hot weather and I highly recommend them! Have you tried any of these products before? What are your own summer essentials? Please let me know by leaving a comment below, I love recommendations. Thank you!