Friday, 1 August 2014

My Summer Beauty Essentials

Hi guys. Instead of doing my usual monthly favourites post, today I thought that I would talk you through my summer essentials instead. The main reason for this is that I haven't really got any new favourites at the moment, as I have been chopping and changing between products a lot and not sticking to a few key items. As the weather in the UK is pretty great (although humid) right now, I thought this would be an appropriate time to share which products keep me looking and feeling pretty during these high heats. Let's get started!

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion - £5.10
First up is my current go-to tanning product, Garnier's Summer Body. The reason that I love this product so much is because I am not an avid tanner and so I do not like using fully-fledged tanning products in the form of mousses and so on. A moisturiser with a hint of tan is enough for me! Not only does this product leave me with a gorgeous, sunkissed colour, it also glides on seamlessly and sinks in relatively quick too! Plus, it's very affordable and has a pleasant apricot scent instead of that awful biscuit smell that most tanning products produce! Overall, this is a great lotion to use if you want a result that is not too in your face or unnatural. I will be using this time and time again!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub - £8.00
Next up is my all time favourite body scrub, Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush. The scent of this is amazing! The combination of brown sugar and lime makes this product almost good enough to it and a joy to use. As for the scrub itself, it strikes the perfect balance between being gentle and abrasive. The gritty granules slough away at dry patches incredibly well but without irritating the skin too much or making it red, which is perfect! A little goes a long way as the tub is so large, which means you definitely get a lot for your money too. I would highly recommend this!

Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant - £5.30
I suppose that deodorants do not get a lot of mention on beauty blogs because let's face it, they're pretty standard and not that exciting to talk about. However, I have been so impressed by this one by Sure. Plus, it's a little different! I think a lot of people that have used this product have been using it in the morning but the box actually suggests that you apply this at night time instead, which is what I have been doing. The cream simply twists up and then it can be applied straight to your underarms. I find the scent really pleasant but of course, the main factor is that it keep sweat and odours at bay - which it does! As it is a cream, it is also very moisturising which is an added bonus for those with dry or sensitive underarms. This deodorant is a must have for summer, as well as all year round too!

Urban Decay Travel Size All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray - £9.00
Last but not least, and one of my favourites of the bunch, is this make-up setting spray from Urban Decay. I am sure that all of us regularly suffer from our make-up sliding off our faces throughout the day, especially when its hot, but this spray has actually revolutionised my routine. Once I have applied all of my make-up for the day, I simply spritz a couple of sprays of the product evenly across my face. No matter how long I have my make-up on for, All Nighter does a great job of setting my face and making sure that it does not wear off throughout the day. It also prevents a large majority of shine and oiliness coming through, which is also handy as I have combination skin. I do only have the travel size but I have a feeling that it will last me a long while, plus this version is a lot friendly on the old purse strings!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my summer essentials. All of the items mentioned above have helped me out a lot during the hot weather and I highly recommend them! Have you tried any of these products before? What are your own summer essentials? Please let me know by leaving a comment below, I love recommendations. Thank you!


  1. Must try that setting spray, I have an MUA one and love it x

    1. It's seriously amazing! Ooh, I didn't know that MUA had one :) x