Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Monthly Favourites - August 2014

Hi guys, I cannot believe that it's September tomorrow! Like always, this month has flown by and I am very sad that it is now the end of summer here in England. Throughout the month of August, I have discovered a lot of new products that I have been loving and it was very hard to pick my favourites this month. However, with that being said, I managed to narrow it down to five great products - let's get started!

Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Herbal Shampoo - £1.00
First up, I have recently discovered this shampoo from Alberto Balsam. Up until now, I have been using John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Shampoo to aid my fine hair but it is quite expensive per bottle. So, I wanted to find an alternative shampoo that I could use for everyday use. Not only does this shampoo smell amazing (I love raspberry scents) but it does an excellent job at giving my roots a deep clean, as my fine hair can get greasy quickly. I find the formula to be really nourishing too and my hair always feels silky soft! However, the best part of this shampoo is that it only £1 from my local Savers, but the product itself feels of a much higher quality than its worth.

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in LA Exclusive - £7.99
Next is this super popular new product from Revlon, their ColorStay Moisture Stain lip glosses. I 'm not going to go into too much detail because I recently did a full review of this product here but all I will say is that this product is amazing! The formula is buttery, the pigmentation is on point and I love the fact that after the gloss wears off, you are left with a nice and even stain. I have been wearing LA Exclusive (a vivid baby pink) almost every day since I bought it, it's a great daytime shade!

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser - £6.40
Again I posted a more in depth review of this product here on my blog on Thursday, so I am going to keep this review short and sweet! Dark Angels is a charcoal-based cleanser that is super exfoliating and is great at balancing out oily skin. Ever since I tried out a tester of this product a few months ago, I fell in love with it and I knew that I had to buy the full-size! The following day after using Dark Angels, my skin is always looks a lot clearer and fresher. This cleanser is rapidly becoming one of my favourites!

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Prince - £6.00
This nail varnish was a gift from my friend Lucy for my 20th birthday a few months back. I was really intrigued to use this polish because I have never tried any Urban Outfitters polishes in the past. Not only is the bright,almost neon purple colour gorgeous but it gives a really glossy finish too. Of course, it's not the most long wearing polish in the world but with a good top coat it lasts a decent amount of time. However, that doesn't phase me too much because the shade is just too striking to resist!

Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser - £4.99
Last but not least is this very handy Spray & Go Moisturiser by Vaseline (read my full review here.) I am very lazy when it comes to body moisturisation, so this product has been a godsend for me this month. Due to it being so easy and quick to use, I am now moistursing every day and am really enjoying do so. The formula sinks into the skin really quickly which means that it is not sticky and you can get dressed immediately after applying it. Plus, the fact that it also smells like cocoa butter is an added bonus too!

So, that's it favourites wise for this month. I hope you've enjoyed reading about what I have been loving throughout August! What have been your favourite products this month? Have you used any of the products mentioned in my post before? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!


  1. Great faves! I do want to try the vaseline moisture spray, it sounds great as I always forget to moisturise. The revlon lipstick sounds great as well! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you Jasmin :) it's a great product and as its so simple to use, I now remember it every day! x

  2. I love the Alberto Balsam shampoos! They all smell so so nice!xx
    Kira Bassett x

    1. I agree, they all smell lovely! Thank you for reading Kira :) x

  3. That nail polish shade is so stunning! <3 xx

    1. It really is Jennie, I never thought that a UO polish would be so lovely! xx