Thursday, 4 September 2014

MUA's Hall of Fame Eyeshadow Palette

I have never been a big lover of eyeshadow before as I have never felt like it suits me but recently, I have been thinking about broadening out my make-up horizons and attempting some eyeshadow looks once again. Due to the fact that I am not too sure whether I am going to get on well with doing this or not, I decided that I wanted to buy an inexpensive palette at first so that I didn't waste my money if it didn't work out. I had always heard a lot about the MUA palettes on various beauty blogs and so I headed into my local Superdrug to see what was on offer.

The palette that immediately caught my was the Hall of Fame Palette (RRP £4.00,) which contains twelve of MUA's most popular eyeshadow shades. The reason why I was drawn to this palette in particular is because of how neutral it is. As I am an eyeshadow newbie, I think that creating subtle and natural looks to start with is a good idea. Not only this but there are some slightly darker blue, grey and black shades too for when I gain some confidence and start to experiment with some smokier night time looks as well.

The twelves shades included in the Hall of Fame palette are as follows;

Top Row:
Rose Ash - a shimmery pink
Bare - a matte light peach
Lion - a shimmery gold
Reveal - a shimmery champagne
Tectonite - a shimmery mocha
Hydra - a shimmery blue

Bottom Row:
Shy - a shimmery cream
Catacomb - a shimmery light bronze
Chino - a matte ashy brown
Hustle - a shimmery warm brown
Cool Grey - a shimmery medium grey
Titan - glittery black

Considering how cheap this palette is, the formula of the eyeshadows are surprisingly blendable! The only thing that I would say is that the pigmentation of each shadow within the palette varies a lot. The darker shades are very strong and pigmented whereas the lighter shades need to be built up a lot on the lid for the true colour to be achieved. As for the longevity of the shadows, they aren't the mot long-wearing but they do stay a reasonable amount of time on my eyelids without creasing (as long as I use an eyeshadow primer beforehand.)

Overall, the MUA Hall of Fame palette is a great and affordable product for beginners such as myself. Although it's not of the greatest quality, it is good starting point to enable you to experiment with different looks and shadow combinations without breaking the bank! After I get the hang of eyeshadow application a little more and get used to myself with it on, I will definitely be buying a more high end product like the Urban Decay Naked palette!


  1. I love MUA as starter palettes, the Undressed/Undress Me Too palettes were two of my very first ones and they were great to ease me into different eyeshadow looks! After buying Naked 3 though I've decided the quality is of them is actually quite similar (honestly UD eyeshadows don't impress me that much), so it's always worth keeping and using cheap and cheerful bits like this, especially with a good primer! :)

    Alexandra ♡

    1. Thank you for your advice Alexandra :) I am liking this palette so far but as I said, some of lighter shades don't come out very well unless I pack them! With that being said, I want to try their Starry Night palette next - it has some gorgeous colours! xx

  2. I love the shades in this, it makes a difference from the usual natural shadows x

    1. Me too Olivia! I love that it has a little bit everything thrown in there :) you can make so many looks! x

  3. i just ordered mine and i think i'm not going to disappointed.