Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Zoella Beauty Purchases

Ever since her launch night last Thursday where the long awaited products were finally revealed, Zoella's (Zoe Sugg's) beauty range has taken the world by storm! I cannot go on Twitter or scroll down my Bloglovin' feed without seeing a photograph or a mention of Zoe's new bath and body line. With just under a week since their release, the products have been selling like hot cakes on both Feel Unique and Superdrug. In fact, when I went into my local Superdrug today, the sales assistant told me that they have already had to restock multiple times since their official release in stores yesterday! 

As all of you are probably fully aware by now, the Zoella Beauty range contains 7 amazing products; a Blissful Mistful body mist, Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion, Let's Glow candle, Soak Opera bath soak, Fizz Bar and two very cute make-up bags (one featuring a guinea pig and another featuring Zoe's eyes.) The products range from £5 to £8, which means that they are all extremely affordable!

I was really excited to have a look at the collection on the shelves and give everything a good sniff. After much deliberation on which products to buy, I finally settled on the 'Let's Glow' fragranced candle and 'Soak Opera' bath soak & shower cream. Although I only bought these products earlier on today, I couldn't wait to share them with all of you. As I haven't had the chance to test them out properly yet, this is just going to be a mini review describing the scents of the products and so on. Let's get started!

First up, the Let's Glow candle (£5.00) smells absolutely amazing! It's fruity yet sweet at the same time without being too over-powering, which is everything that I look for in a candle! I am really looking forward to using this candle as part of my pamper night routine. There's nothing I love more than having a relaxing bubble bath and lighting a candle, hence why I have chosen these two Zoella beauty items to try out first! Not only do I love how affordable the candle is but I love the packaging too. It's so cute and dinky! I have actually had an idea that once I finish the candle, I can use the tin as a little trinket box to store rings or hairbands/clips in. I think it would look super cute on my bedside table!

The second item that I purchased from the range is Soak Opera (also £5.00,) which is a bath soak and shower cream in one. I love multi-purpose products as you get more for your money, it looks like Zoe has really put a lot of thought into this product! Soak Opera can be added to your bath water or applied straight onto your skin. Just like the candle, the scent of this bath soak is lovely! It is sweet and floral smell that is very calming and it's perfect for when you need a long soak in the tub! It also contains aloe, vitamin E and shea butter to soften and condition your skin too. I can see this item being one of the most popular in the range as it's simply gorgeous!

So, those are the two products that I purchased from the Zoella Beauty range earlier on today. I am obsessed with them already and I cannot wait to try out some more of the range soon, the Fizz Bar is definitely next on my list! I can see these products being very popular for a long time to come and I cannot wait to see if Zoe adds more to the range in the future as well! What do you think of the range so far? Have you tried any of Zoella's range yet? Which product is your favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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