Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Recent Fashion Finds | H&M

Hi guys. Today I wanted to share with you the two amazing purchases that I made in H&M yesterday. I am making a major effort this year to get rid of any unwanted or unworn clothing of mine by putting them on eBay or taking them to my local charity shop. This is enabling me to buy some newer, more up-to-date items to add to my autumn/winter wardrobe. H&M have some amazing clothing in at the moment and I ended up having about 10 items to try on in the changing rooms yesterday! After a lot of deliberation, I managed to whittle it down to just two items as I am on a tight budget at the moment. So, without running the risk of rambling on, here is what I bought!

First up is this super cute jumper! I have been after a jumper like this for quite a while now as I just love the quilted effect that it has, which will add something a little new and different to my wardrobe. I also love the fact that it is cropped too, which means that it will go perfectly with my Topshop Joni jeans. Although this just looks like a light grey jumper from afar, the lines that create the diamond pattern have a slight blue tinge to them, which is a really unique and interesting extra detail. Not only this but the jumper itself is so soft and comfortable and at an afforable £14.99, I just couldn't resist!

My second purchase was this lovely little smock dress that was actually in the sale for just £7! I do not have that many casual dresses that are ideal for colder weather in my wardrobe, as most of my dresses are for clubbing and going out. This dress caught my eye immediately and if any of you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know it's because I love anything floral! I tend to be drawn to flowery patterns at all times, they're just so cute and feminine. I was a bit dubious about buying a smock dress at first because I thought that it could be too loose and drown my petite frame but this one is perfect. It's just the right balance between being flowy and fitted. I cannot wait to start wearing this dress as the cold weather draws in with tights, boots and a cosy knitted cardigan!

So, those are the two gorgeous items that I picked up in H&M yesterday. The store has lots of new and exciting pieces in at the moment, so I highly suggest you go and take a look for yourself. Who knows what you might find! Thank you for reading and as always, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below telling me what you think of my fashion finds!

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