Monday, 30 September 2013

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams 'Stay The Night' Single Review

Ahead of the re-release of his ever so popular album, 'Clarity,' Zedd has teamed up with vocal powerhouse Hayley Williams, lead singer of pop-rock band Paramore, to release his new single called 'Stay The Night'. This is the second venture that Williams has taken in terms of featuring on other artists records, the first being on B.o.B's hit song back in 2010, 'Airplanes.'

On the surface, this track is pretty much everything you would expect it to be. Upon first listen, it is a radio-friendly dance number with an infectious chorus and drops in all the right places. However, there is something a little special about this song. Whether it be Hayley's infamous vocals or Zedd's injection of a synth nearer the end of the track, 'Stay The Night' is a breath of fresh air compared to all other dance tracks on the market right now. Accompanied by just a simple piano melody, Williams starts the tune with serene vocals mimicking that of a ballad-style record. Yet, the song steadily builds to a conclusive crescendo when the beat finally kicks in.

On top of this, the timing of the single also conincides with Paramore's sold-out worldwide tour which makes this great publicity for the band too. Overall, with both artists individually on top of their game in their opposing musical fields, combined they are definitely sure to hit the big time with this record. 

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