Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lush's 'Relax... Take A Bath' Gift Set

Hi guys. Over the past six months I have become a major Lush addict, ever since I was first bought some of their products for Christmas. I love taking long, relaxing baths and using colourful bath bombs and so on makes it all the more exciting! As it was my birthday recently, my boyfriend kindly bought me the 'Relax... Take A Bath' gift set as part of my present. Inside, the gift set contains three popular Lush items; a Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt, a Twilight Bath Ballistic and a Dorothy Bubble Bar. This particular set contains products that are specifically designed to relax you and to help you de-stress, which is perfect for me. I have loved using these products of a night time to really help me switch off and unwind. So, today I thought that I would share my thoughts on each product in the box with you all. Let's get started!

Firstly, the Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt is an incredibly luxurious bath melt that has lots of ingredients to help nourish your skin. As it contains cocoa butter, lavender oil and chamomile, it leaves your skin feeling very soft and in tip-top condition. I simply popped the melt into my bath whilst it was running to release all of the oils. This product does not produce any bubbles but it does leave your bath nice and milky in texture. Plus, the melt also releases pieces of dried jasmine to help relax you even further!

Next up, the Twilight Bath Ballistic is designed to soothe your skin and calm you down before bedtime. With ingredients such as lavender and ylang ylang oil, this bath bomb is extremely relaxing. As Twilight fizzes away, its pink and blue swirls eventually turn the water into a gorgeous deep lilac colour. The bomb also releases a ton of glitter particles to make your bath even more special!

Last but not least, and my favourite of the three, is the Dorothy Bubble Bar. I crumbled some of the bubble bar under running water and it generated lots of lovely bubbles. It also turned the water a gorgeous blue colour too. The scent of Dorothy is not too over-powering and the combination of ylang ylang oil, orange flower & gardenia extract makes for a lovely floral scent. This product made my skin feel silky soft and I will definitely be purchasing another one soon!

So, that was my review of the lovely 'Relax...Take A Bath' gift set from Lush Cosmetics. I hope you all enjoyed reading about these three amazing bath products just as much as I enjoyed using them. I think it's safe to say that I am a fully-fledged Lush addict now! Not only do the products look and smell amazing but their ingredients are very beneficial for your skin as well. Have you tried any of these products before? Which Lush products are your favourites? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Who knows, you could even recommend a new product for me to try! Thank you :)

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