Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Make Your Own Christmas Pamper Pack

Ever since I became addicted to all things beauty, every year my Mum has made me a little pamper kit for Christmas and I think that it's such a sweet idea! Filling up a cute make-up bag with lots of beauty related goodies is a great way to treat the ladies in your life. From lip glosses to bath bombs, the possibilities are endless when creating pamper packs for your friends and family. The great thing about this gift idea is that you can easily personalise each kit that you create depending on who you are making it for and what their likes & dislikes are. Today I have compiled a small list of both make up bags and some products to put inside them, just to give you all a few ideas! As always with Christmas blog posts, I have tried to include a variation of products all with different price points - which means there will definitely be some suggestions for you, regardless of your budget. So without any further ado, here is my list of make-up bags and girly goodies to give you some gifting inspiration!

Make-Up Bags (as seen above)

Beauty Bits

As well as the products that I have mentioned above, here are some addition ideas as to what you could include in your pamper packs; face masks, lipstick/lip gloss, make-up brushes, nail art stickers, false eyelashes, shower gel, massage oil and candles. 

Overall, it's clear to see that there are no limitations when it comes to making your own pamper pack. There are lots of great things that you can include in them regardless of how big or small your budget it is! I hope that my post has given you a little bit of inspiration of what to buy for your loved ones this festive season. Are you planning on making a bag up for someone? Which products mentioned do you like the look of? Please let me know by leaving a comment below :)

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