Saturday, 29 November 2014

My Monthly Favourites - November 2014

Hi guys. I am extremely excited that we have now come to the end of November because we can now well and truly focus on all things Christmas! I cannot wait to put up all of our decorations, wrap up tons of presents and eat too much indulgent food. However, before I can do all of those things, I have the small matter of my monthly favourites to address! I have to admit that I haven't been too adventurous beauty-wise this month as I have had a lot of days indoors or have just been running errands, but I still have a few bits so share with you all. So let's get started!

Garnier Body Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion - £4.99
First up, my skin has gotten very dry all of sudden now that the cold weather is finally upon us. So when I saw this body lotion from Garnier on the shelf, I just had to pick it up. The fact that this particular lotion was oil-infused made me think that it could do wonders for my skin - and I was right! Not only does it nourish and hydrate my skin but the formulation of the lotion is amazing. It's very smooth and easy to rub in, so you don't have to do too much work in that respect. Although it doesn't sink in super fast, it still does it in less time than you would expect for such a rich product. I would highly recommend this to anybody who's skin needs an extra boost of moisture!

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout - £7.99
Like most beauty bloggers around this time of year, I love a good red lip! There's something about it that just screams Christmas and I recently rediscovered my Revlon matte balm in amongst my ever-growing lip crayon collection! The main reason that I love this crayon is because even though its matte, it is not at all drying on the lips. As well as this, it has great staying power too. As for the red colour itself, 'Standout' is a gorgeous true red shade that would suit a whole range of different skin tones. It's definitely a must-have product for me right now!

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream - £4.49
As I mentioned earlier, since the bitter cold weather has set in, my skin has gone haywire and in turn it is very dry in places. However, I have also noticed that my skin in the past month or so has a lot of redness too. So, I picked up this sensitive day cream from Nivea because I had already tried the Rich Moisturising version in the past and loved it. This version claims to reduce redness, tightness and dryness - which I totally agree with. I have really been enjoying this moisturiser a lot and so far it has helped with hydrating my dry patches a lot. Plus as it is quite rich in texture, a little goes a long way with this product, so I have a feeling that this tube is going to last me for quite a while.  

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser - £7.25
This cleanser from Lush is an old favourite of mine and I always come back to it! Sometimes I think that its a good idea to go back to basics with skincare and really strip it back, as let's face it, us beauty bloggers use a large concoction of products on our faces! The fact that Lush's skincare is so natural really appeals to me and Ultrabland is the perfect gentle cleanser for me. Its ingredients include almond oil and beeswax, which means that it leaves your skin feeling so soft and supple. As it is a balm cleanser, Ultrabland is also excellent at removing all traces of make-up without leaving a greasy residue like most oil-based cleansers do. Overall, I will always purchase this cleanser time and time again because it's just excellent and gets the job done!

Miss Selfridge Body Mist - £4.00
Last but not least is this gorgeous body mist from Miss Selfridge. I have to admit that this was a bit of an impulse buy whilst out with my Mum in our local Arcadia store. The mist was right at the checkout and I normally dismiss products like that but this time, I couldn't resist. After spritzing it, I realised that the fragrance was an incredible quality seeing as it was made by a high street clothing brand. On their website, the scent is described as being a blend of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary; so as you can imagine, it is a light and fresh smell. I tend to use the mist on days where I am not doing too much and I do not want to reach for some of my more expensive perfumes - and it certainly does the trick. For such a budget friendly product, I am really impressed with it and I highly recommend to all of you!

So, those are my five beauty favourites for the month of November. I hope you enjoyed reading all about them! Which products do you like the sound of? What are your favourites this month? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. As I said earlier on, I am really happy that November is now over because now I can well and truly get into the Christmas spirit. Also, remember to stay tuned to my blog in the up and coming weeks to see lots of festive posts! Thank you :)


  1. I got one of the Revlon Lip Balms free when i bought the photo finish primer! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Wow that's such a good deal! Did you like it? :) xx

  2. Love the matte balms, I have a pink and a coral but should really pick up a red next! Great faves, I do want to try some of the lush masks but they never seem to have any whenever I am in store! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I must pick up some more, I only have the red shade :( thank you for reading Jasmin! xx