Monday, 22 June 2015

15 Things I Love About Summer

Lately, we have been pretty lucky weather-wise in the UK! Aside from the odd overcast day or thundery downpour, the Sun has well and truly had its hat on over the past few weeks. Of course, us Brits have therefore been making the most of the amazing weather before it rears its head for yet another year! Summer has always been my favourite season and rightly so because there are so many enjoyable things that come with this time of year. So, I've decided to let you know the 15 things that I love most about summertime in England. Enjoy!

1. The Sun makes everybody feel happier and more positive!
2. Sunkissed skin and glowy make-up.
3. It's still light outside at 9pm!
4. Sunbathing for hours on end whilst reading a good book.
5. Going for drinks at my local beer garden.
6. Cute playsuits and flowy summer dresses!
7. Tasty barbecues with my family & friends.
8. Going to the seafront for ice-cream and hot doughnuts.
9. The smell of sun cream and aftersun!
10. Large jugs of Pimms & lemonade.
11. Festivals - need I say more?
12. Fresh fruit that's perfectly in-season!
13. The sound of the ocean.
14. Waking up every morning to gorgeous blue skies!
15. Adorable bikinis and swimsuits.

Is summer your favourite season too? What are some of your favourite things about this beautiful weather we're having? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment down below!


  1. I love the light evenings, I always feel so much more productive! xx

    1. I feel the same way :) thank you for reading Jennie! xx