Friday, 30 October 2015

A Vampy High End & Drugstore Lip Combo

For a couple of weeks, I had been searching for the perfect vampy lipstick to wear as part of my Halloween costume and now... my search is over. Say hello the the most gorgeous dark purple lip combination from MAC and Barry M! I really wanted to find a matte lipstick for my night out because they are usually a lot more long-wearing and fuss free than a more more glossy and moisturising formula. In the past, I have used Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade 'Dark Night Waterl-oops!' but I found that it was just too shiny - which meant that it would slide around, get on to my teeth and bleed outside of my lip line. Let's face it girls, that's never a good look!

So with the help of my good friend Chloe, who actually works for MAC, she helped me settle on the shade 'Smoked Purple' (£15.50) - which is described on their website as a deep eggplant purple shade. I love MAC's matte formulation as it is so comfortable to wear and not at all drying on the lips. Plus, it tends to stay in place pretty well even you are eating or drinking (and I will definitely be doing the latter on my night out!)

After buying the lipstick, I was really struggling to find a matching lip pencil to make sure that I could a get crisp and sharp line around the edge of my lips, seeing as it is such a dark colour. I didn't want to purchase a lip pencil from MAC seeing as I had already spent over £15 on a lipstick that isn't a wearable shade that I could wear everyday. After swatching what felt like hundreds of liners on my hand in Superdrug, I finally came across this super affordable one from Barry M. I'm not a big fan of the Barry M range at all (aside from their nail varnishes,) so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this gorgeous lip liner in the shade 'Plum' (£2.99.) I was expecting it to be really hard and drag the lips but it is actually a lot creamier than I expected. 

As you can see from the swatches above, these two products match almost perfectly! I am so happy that I found this incredible lip combo to wear as part of my costume. I am going as a super simple black cat but I am planning to add more interest to my outfit and overall look by really exaggerating my make-up! What do you think of my vampy lip duo? What are you going as for Halloween this year? Please let me know by popping a comment down below!

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