Friday, 13 November 2015

Life Lately #2

Hi guys and welcome back to the second installment my 'Life Lately' series. If any of you read my first one all the way back in July, you would know that I used to do a lot of Instagram updates but too often I found that I never had enough photos to share. So, instead, I have decided to just do the occasional update when I feel that I have some fun things to share with all of you. Of course, if you would like to keep updated between these posts, feel free to give me a follow on Instagram here! Anyway, here's what I have been up to lately...

1. This photo is with my friend Yasmin when we were out for a friends birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't get any clear photos of my make-up after I got ready but I went for a classic grey shimmery eye with plenty of lashes and glowy skin!

2. Me and the girls have been making a concious effort to get together on a more regular basis. At this age, I've found that we are all so busy that sometimes it's hard to get everybody together on the same day. However, we have been going to our favourite breakfast cafe a lot lately in order to catch up and enjoy some yummy food whilst we're at it!

3. One lazy Saturday afternoon, Kieran (my boyfriend) and I decided to make some brownies as a treat. We wanted to make them even more exciting and decadent, so we added Rolos into the mixture. As you can imagine, they were deliciously gooey and the caramel from the Rolos made them soooo good!

4. This photo is before another night out with my fellow blondies, Yasmin and Sarah. We went to our local indie/alternative club and had the best night, followed by a sleepover at my house.

5. Obviously I am a huge Lush fan all year round but of course, now that winter is upon us I'm having even more baths than usual. This time, I used the Intergalactic bath bomb which is full of the most crazy colours and glitter. I loved it so much that I had to take a photo!

6. This is a photo of Kieran's family's new kitten called Esmée. She is an adorable grey tabby cat! I manged to get this cute photograph of her whilst she was napping just in time, before she woke up and started playing with all of her toys again!

7. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that I have suffered with anxiety since I was about 10 years old. After being in counselling for the last few years, I have conquered one of my biggest fears which is eating out in restaurants. I always knew that this fear was irrational and I am so glad that I am getting better at it. This was actually mine and Kieran's first sit down lunch in public and I'm so glad that I could share my accomplishment with him!

8. Me and my friend Lucy went out for Halloween and it was a really lovely night. I had so much fun experimenting with my makeup look for this and I opted for a super dark MAC lipstick and a smokey cat eye. I went as a stereotypical black cat and Lucy went as a skeleton.

9. This week I got my first Christmas Costa drink of the festive season! I opted for a Caramel Fudge hot chocolate and it was so tasty. I love the themed cups at this time of year, so I just had to take a snap of my first one of the year!

So, that's it for the second of my 'Life Lately' posts. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have gotten up to since the last post. Be sure to check back soon for another new installment!

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