Monday, 30 November 2015

Selfridges Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas

We all love a little bit of luxury every now and then and I love browsing Selfridges' website online, looking through and lusting over all of the high-end beauty brands that they stock! As you can imagine, now that we are in the run up to Christmas, I have been doing this quite a lot lately and so I thought why not make a mini Christmas gift guide showing you some of the best festive gift sets on offer right now! Of course, these products do not come cheap, so they would perfect to add to your Christmas list or to buy for a loved one if your budget can allow it! Within this little gift guide, there a few slightly more affordable options as well as some extravagant ones thrown in there for good measure too. So, here are the six gift sets featured in today's post;

As I'm sure you would agree, all of these sets look absolutely amazing - everything from the packaging to the products themselves scream all things luxurious and fancy! I, for one, would loooove to find any of these beauties underneath my tree on Christmas morning! Please let me know which of these gifts you would love to receive the most by leaving a comment below and remember to come back soon to check out more festive themed posts all throughout December!

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