Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer Style: Crop Tops

Hi guys. I haven't posted anything for about a week now and honestly, it's because I have been lacking in ideas lately. So, whilst I am searching for some blog inspiration, I have decided to do a post about one of this seasons biggest trends - crop tops. In the UK, we have had some lovely sunshine over the past week or so, hence, it is perfect weather for throwing on a pretty crop top with some high-waisted shorts or a skirt. Topshop have a great selection of bralets and crop tops in at the moment, so this post is dedicated purely to Topshop garments. You can always count on Topshop for having high-quality clothing that fits really well. Although Topshop is usually quite pricey, these tops are rather cheap in comparison. Furthermore, without any further ado, here are my five favourite crop tops in stock at the moment.

1. Tribal Aztec Crop Tee - £12.00 

Firstly, I adore the tribal design on this crop top. Topshop also have a bodycon dress version of this garment, which I purchased a few months ago, and I feel so confident when I wear it. The fabric is super-stretchy and is just the right thickness, so that it is not too hot to wear in the summer months. As you are all probably aware by now, tribal print is huge this season so why not combine two trends in one and buy this beautiful top? I know I'm going to! 

2. Zebra Cupped Bralet Top - £16.00
Secondly, I love this aqua coloured zebra bralet. I think that this design is amazing because it is so unique and eye-catching - I have never seen a design like it before! This garment is rather in your face, so it is not to be worn by the faint-hearted. I think that teaming it with a simple plain black skater skirt would be really flattering. You could either dress the outfit down with some cute sandals or dress it up with some heels or wedges. It's a really versatile and striking item and it is definitely on my current wish list! 

3. Stamp Print Crop Top - £12.00
Next, this crop top really grabbed my attention due to it's intriguing pattern which included lots of different coloured stamps. I rarely buy white tops that are tight to the body as I find it hard to find a bra that does not show through it (even with a nude or flesh-coloured bra.) However, I think that the pattern breaks up the material nicely, which will in turn make it easier to wear. I particularly love the pale colours featured in the design which makes the top feel really summery. 

4. Super Lace Crop Top - £12.00
This crop top is stunning! I am a big lover of lace and I have a lot of it in my wardrobe because it makes me feel really girly and feminine. The neon orange colour of this crop top is very on trend at the moment and it will definitely make you stand out in a crowd! Plus, neon colours tend to look amazing against a tan, which means that this top would be perfect for wearing on holiday. This top also comes in other colours (neon yellow, lilac & pale pink,) which are equally as pretty. Make sure you check them out!

5. Lace Corset Top - £22.00
Last but not least, and the most expensive item I have picked, is this monochrome lace bralet. I wear a lot of black & white as I feel that those colours suit me well, so I was instantly drawn in to this particular top. Out of the five bralets and crop tops that I have picked today, I think that this crop top would be specifically for a night out or for a dressier occasion. I really love that the lace features flowers in it's design, which instantly makes the garment appear girly and gives it that 'cute' feel. I must save up and buy it!

I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my top five bralets and crop tops from Topshop. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you will be braving it and be sporting a crop top this summer! Also, if any of you have any posts that you would like me to do in the near future, then please leave your suggestions below. I would love your help to give me some extra inspiration! Thank you :)


  1. I love crop tops! Especially with a high waisted skirt. Your blog is adorable! New follower! :) x


    1. Me too Lilie! Aw, thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you like my blog - I love yours as well. New follower for you too :) x

  2. I adore the stamp print crop top! I'd pair it with some light denim high waisted shorts and some statement block colour wedges :) perfect for summer!

    Lovely blog, followed! :)

    1. Me too! Yes, that combo would make a lovely outfit :) thank you for reading and following! xx