Monday, 29 July 2013

My Month Via Instagram - July 2013

Hi guys, I cannot believe that another month has flown by already - 2013 is going so quickly! This month has been particularly lovely due to England finally getting some hot and sunny weather, which means that I have been out enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts! This month has also been pretty exciting as yet again I have had quite a few nights out. So, without anymore rambling, let's begin talking about what I have been up to all throughout July.

1. First of all this month, to kick off our spell of nice weather, me and my friend Sarah spent an entire weekend together laying in the sun and eating a ton of yummy barbecue food. One Saturday afternoon, we decided to drive to one of our local parks for a change of scenery as opposed to my back garden. Little did we know that there was a huge event going on in the park and the entrance to the park had this really cute rainbow inflatable and I just had to get a photograph! Inside the event was a charity stall for Lukemia & Lymphoma, which me and Sarah both donated money to and got a free key-ring - that was our good deed for the day complete :)

2. My friend Sydney completed a nail course last year and recently she has been doing my nails for me. This time around, I decided to go for a natural polish as opposed to Shellac or acrylics as my nails are quite weak and damaged at the moment. I chose a lovely aqua blue colour and then went on to pick one of OPI's limited edition James Bond glitter polishes for an accent on my ring fingers. The combination of these two polishes really reminded me of mermaids on the ocean, the end result was so pretty!

3. My friends Danielle, Sarah and I were invited to a house party and this is a photograph that we took before we went. We all decided to get ready together at Sarah's house and do a little bit of pre-drinking too. The outfit I chose to wear was a denim Topshop bralet, which you can kind of see in the photo, teamed with a plain black skater skirt and sandals to keep me cool in the hot weather (it was even too hot to bother wearing heels!) The night was so much fun and I don't think that I stopped laughing all night!

4. This photo is from a a day where I simply stayed at home all day and worked on my tan. As you can see, this year I have tanned pretty well (especially for a fair-skinned blonde, blue eyed girl,) however, I accidentally chose an Instagram filter that made my skin look incredibly orange - oops! I took this quick snap because I thought it was really cute how my dog Sasha decided to come and lie right by me and enjoy the sun too!

5. I took this photo to show my outfit before an impromptu night out with my friend Charlotte. I managed to convince her to come out on a bit of a whim and I put this outfit together last minute. It's pretty simple, seeing as it just a black crop top and some high-waisted denim shorts, but I threw on some accessories and some fake eyelashes and I was ready to go. We went to a a club in my hometown that plays rock and alternative music, which is right up my alley! I love spontaneous nights out as they always turn out to be much better than planned ones and this night was definitely a random and eventful one!

6. Last but not least, and probably my favourite part of the month, is the fact that my best friend and fellow blogger Laura finally came home from Germany. She had been over in Dusseldorf for four months as part of an Erasmus for her university course and obviously, I miss her terribly. To surprise Laura upon her return, me and a few others decorated the front of Laura's house with lots of welcome home banners and balloons. We also wrote her a card and got her a few little gifts too. When Laura turned up and we welcomed her on her door step, it was really funny because me and Laura were wearing the same exact dress from H&M and so we decided to take a picture! I'm so happy that my best friend is home and I am excited for all of the fun we will have for the rest of the summer! 

That's all for this months update! I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my antics all throughout out July. Please stay tuned to my blog as I have lots of posts planned over the next few weeks. Thank you :) 


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    1. Thank you so much Emily, that's so sweet of you! My response will be up later today :) xx