Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The 2013 Year In Review Tag

Hi guys. Today I am doing the '2013 Year In Review Q&A Tag,' after being tagged by Ruby from 'Oh Ruby.' She has a lovely blog with plenty of great fashion, beauty and fitness posts - so I really recommend that you check her out! 

The rules to this tag are as follows: 

1. In your post, be sure to link back and thank the blogger that previously tagged you
2. Answer the questions below and tag at least 5 other bloggers 
3. Include the badge in your post

So, without any further ado, let's get started!

1. Your top five favourite blogs to read in 2013

2. List your five most read blog posts of 2013
Rimmel's New Colour Rush Lip Crayons
Deaf Havana's 'Old Souls' Album Review
My First Autumn Inspired Makeover
The Next Chapter Of My Life
New Years Eve Beauty Tips

3. Name one blog you wish you had found sooner

One blog that I wish I had found sooner is definitely Sail Boat. I only subscribed to her blog a couple of days ago but she has a lovely variation of posts covering lots of different topics. Plus, I think that her photography is rather lovely.

4. Your favourite blog post of 2013

My favourite post is definitely my Deaf Havana's 'Old Souls' Album Review. Not only is it my most viewed blog post to date but it was even re-tweeted by the band on Twitter, which I got really excited about! Writing the odd music review from time to time is really enjoyable for me, as I think it brings something a little different to blog apart from just posting about beauty products.

5. What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog this year?
I would love to change the look of my blog as it is quite amateur. I would like to focus on developing the quality of my photos too.

6. Name one blog you have a blog crush on
Again, I love Couture Girl's blog. Not only is she extremely gorgeous but I love the content of her posts and how she is never shy on giving the reader as many details on products as possible!

7. How often do you post?
It depends because sometimes I lack inspiration and I get awful writer's block! However, I try to aim for one or two a week.

8. Share your first post of 2013
I started my blog in March 2013 and my first post was simply a rather dull 'Hello' post, introducing myself to the world of Blogger.

9. Name one thing you'd be doing if you weren't typing this post right now
Probably watching TV or eating!

10. What have you loved the most about blogging this year?
What I have enjoyed the most about blogging so far is that it gives me a creative outlet to talk about all of the things that I am interested in. I have also loved interacting with other girls who share similar interests - they are all so friendly and positive!

The people I would like to tag to do this are: Life Of A Trainee Journalist, Tiffany's Beauty Box, Peach Pow, Gingerbread Smiles and Walking In Claire's Shoes

I really look forward to reading their responses and once again, I would like to thank Ruby for nominating me! 


  1. Hi Michaela!! I just read your post and love it. You've got some great answers and there are some blogs that I'm gonna be checking out. Thank you so much for tagging me, I will put my response up either today or tomorrow.

    Thank you again, I always love reading your blog xx

    1. Thank you Claire and I'm glad that you enjoy reading my blog the way that I enjoy yours too! I look forward to reading your answers :) xx

  2. Aww thank you so much for the mention! I'm loving your blog too, have just followed over on bloglovin! <3 <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. You're welcome Jennie and thank you so much :) xx

  3. Improving my photography is one of my main aims this year too! All the best for 2014 Michaela xx