Thursday, 23 October 2014

5 Tips On How To Deep Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Deep cleaning your make-up brushes is a task that is rather like Marmite; some people find the task extremely laborious, whilst others revel in doing so. I, myself, apply to the latter half of that sentence. For some bizarre reason, I love the process of cleaning my brushes and get great satisfaction watching all of the dirt and grime that has built get washed away. Plus, the feeling of then using your newly clean brushes the next day is very satisfying! With that being said, there is a lot of confusion as to which way is the best way you clean your brushes. So, today I have a compiled a little list of tips that I have learnt since I have been blogging to share with you all. I hope you find them handy!

1. The best products to use to deep clean your make-up brushes are either a specifically designed brush cleanser or baby shampoo, if you are on a budget such as myself. The reason for this is that both formulas will be very gentle on your brush hairs, yet they will still give them a thorough clean at the same time.

2. Saturating your brush in lukewarm water before cleaning them will get rid of any excess product on your brushes, which will make your job a little bit easier.

3. I have found that the best method to use is to squirt a little bit of your chosen product into the palm of your hand, then swirl the brush around in circular motions. You should add a little more water in as you go too, to allow the product to lather up and to cleanse your brushes really well.

4. Rinsing your brushes thoroughly is key. When you squeeze out the excess water after you have washed each brush, it should run clear and not have any make-up or bubbles from the product you have used coming out of it. If it does, then you should repeat the process of rinsing the brush again until it is completely clear.

5. Once you have cleaned each brush, you will want to place it somewhere convenient to let it air dry. Although some people say that laying your brushes down flat on a table is fine, I disagree. The best angle to allow your brushes to dry is have the brush hairs facing downwards (I tend to prop mine up on my window sill.) This will ensure that any extra water can run out of the brush, instead of run deeper into the brush which in turn will start to damage the glue that holds your brush and its hairs together.

Extra Tips

- Aim to deep clean your brushes about once a week.
- Spot cleaning is a great way of keeping your brushes sanitisied inbetween washing them.
- Some people use brush guards to protect their brushes and keep the bristles in shape.

So guys, those are my five top tips for deep cleaning your make up brushes! Of course, this is just my method but I have found to be very effective and so I wanted to share my pointers with all of you as well. Please feel free to let me know what your method is or if there are any ways that I can improve my method by leaving a comment below :)

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