Thursday, 26 February 2015

My 'Body Shop' Wishlist

The Body Shop have really upped their game over the past couple of years, what with there being such a wide range of products and scents available! They have bought out a lot of new & innovative products and they have been ever so popular, some of them have even become cult products within the blogging community (the Instablur primer and Honey bronzer immediately spring to mind!) So today, I decided to hop online in order to suss out which products I would like to pick up from The Body Shop in the near future. Therefore, I then wanted to create my very own wishlist to share with all of you! 

Satsuma Hand Cream (£3.50) - My hands are very dry at the moment due to the cold weather and I really need to invest in a new hand cream. I chose the satsuma version as it is my all time favourite scent from The Body Shop, so I'll be bound to use it often!

Shea Body Butter (£13.00) - Of course, everybody knows that The Body Shop's body butters are seriously amazing and I have never tried the shea one before, I think that it's nutty and sweet scent will feel really luxurious too.

Smoky Poppy Massage Oil (£14.00) - The new smoky poppy range has intrigued me. I can imagine it being quite a musky and sexy scent, so it would be perfect to use during a massage with your partner! I'm hoping to catch a whiff of it in store very soon.

Honey Bronzer in Fair Matte (£13.00) - As I mentioned before, everybody raves about how amazing this bronzer is and I really want to try it. I think that the second lightest shade will suit my skin tone perfectly.

Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (£13.00) - Similarly to the shea version, I feel that I will really enjoy the zesty and sweet pink grapefruit scent - especially as we enter into spring and summer too!

Raspberry Shower Gel (£4.00)The Body Shop's shower gels are very affordable and some of the best out there! Fruity scents are really uplifting in the mornings, they make me enjoy showering in the mornings. Plus, the gorgeous scent then lingers on your skin!

Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick in Poppy Nude (£12.00) - This is one of The Body Shop's newest releases and it looks amazing. This is the product that I most want to get my hands on! Not only is it a 2-in-1 product but I'm really into nude lips at the moment, so this shade looks perfect for me.

So guys, those are all of the items currently included in my wishlist! What do you think of them? What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? Please let me know by leaving a comment below, I love hearing your recommendations!


  1. I hear so many great things about Body Shop but I currently only own their body butters. Like you I really want to try their Honey Bronzer too as everyone raves about it!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

    1. I haven't tried a great deal from them either but I really want to branch out! I know right, I have never heard a bad review about the bronzer :) thank you for reading Danielle xx