Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Spring Outfit: Topshop

Spring has officially sprung here in the UK - hooray! The weather is finally on the up and daffodils are now rearing their heads left, right and centre. With that in mind, I have been feeling particularly inspired clothes-wise and so today I wanted to create a cute little spring outfit for you all. This is purely a Topshop based outfit post but all of the items featured (apart from the statement handbag) are rather cheap as far as Topshop's usual prices go, which is of course an added bonus.

As some of my regular readers will probably know by now, I love anything monochrome and so this Daisy Cropped Tee (£22.00) is right up my alley! I am a sucker for floral patterns too, so I just had to create an entire outfit to compliment this girly cropped number. Now that the temperature outside is no longer freezing, wearing these Bleached Mom Shorts (£28.00) would make a nice change to the jeans that we have been donning for the past few months! Although, if its not quite warm enough wear you are yet, feel free to throw on a pair of black tights! Now for the star of the show; this Suede Fringe Backpack (£55.00.) As I mentioned above, I have been loving the gorgeous daffodils that I have spotted around my neighborhood over the past few weeks and I though why not add a statement yellow bag into the mix. Backpacks are not only in this season but they are very practical too! Plus, the tassels add an extra cool textural element to the entire outfit. To finish off the outfit, I decided to add these Pointed Skater Shoes (£20.00.) Skater shoes are really popular at the moment as they are a comfortable yet stylish pair of flat shoes that make a change to wearing a plain pair of ballet pumps, for example.

To accessorise, I chose this Semi Precious Shield Ring (£10.00) and this Thin Ball Bangle (£5.00.) As the ensemble itself is already quite busy, what with the floral motif of the t-shirt and the super bright bag, I decided to keep the jewellery rather simple. Stone rings are all the rage right now and I thought that the bracelet was pretty yet understated at the same time. 

That's all for my spring outfit guys! What do you think? What is your favourite item? I am thinking about making this into a little spring series and creating outfits based on other shops too eg. Miss Selfridge, New Look and so on. Please let me know if that is something you would like to see from me! I hope that you're all having a lovely Easter weekend so far and I'll be back soon for yet another blog post :)

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