Monday, 27 April 2015

My Sephora Wishlist: Lips

One downside to living in the UK is that we do not have Sephora... you know, that wonderful and dreamy cosmetics store full of all of the make-up you could ever ask for! Of course, Sephora has recently started shipping to the UK but I cannot bring myself to pay for the extra costs of postage & packaging. Furthermore, it can be extremely frustrating (as I'm sure my fellow Brits will know,) because it's very difficult to track down certain products and brands. However, one of my Mums old school friends is going to America soon and she's offered to pick up a few bits and bobs for me! So, I have since been trawling the website for hours on end deciding what to put on my list of items for her to pick up.

This then inspired me to start a new series on my blog all about what products I would love to own from Sephora one day. Naturally, there were too many beauty goodies for me to list in one blog post and that's when I decided to break it down into sections. I am a huge lip product junkie and so that's the category I have chosen to focus on first. Now, here are all of the amazing products that are firmly on my wishlist:

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little wishlist and I will be focusing on different categories in the near future, so stay tuned for that! Also; what is currently on your beauty wish list? Let me know as always by leaving a comment down below!

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