Monday, 14 September 2015

D&G's Light Blue Sunset In Salina

Ever since I received the original Light Blue as a birthday present back in my teenage years, I have always had a love affair with this infamous Dolce & Gabbana fragrance! So, when I recently smelt the newest scent in the range, I knew I just had to have it. Therefore, my parents ever so kindly picked up a bottle for me whilst on holiday as a gift for looking after everything, (mostly my dog,) whilst they were away! So, today I thought that I would give you a little overview of the newest perfume in my collection and what I think about it so far.

D&G's Light Blue Sunset In Salina Eau de Toilette is a perfect fragrance for every day wear. It is a lovely summer scent, although you can bet that I will be wearing this almost every day as we enter into autumn too! It has strong top notes of vine and violet leaves, as well as base notes of amber, cedarwood and white musk & beautiful heart notes of yellow freesia, orange flower and jasmine. All of these scents combined create the most gorgeous fresh and floral scent, which is right up my alley! Although it isn't the longest lasting scent that I own, I love its subtlety and its warmth. there's something about it that definitely reminds me of a hot summers night abroad!

There are a lot similarities between the original Light Blue and this summer edition, and some of the fragrances notes do cross over, but Sunset In Salina has a much fresher smell. Light Blue is a lot fruitier than this more recent addition as it contains top notes of Sicilian citron. So, in terms of which perfume is better, I'd say it's all down to personal preference!

Sunset In Salina comes in two sizes; 25ml, which will set you back £42.00, and 50ml costing £50.00. However, if you get in quickly, Boots have slashed their prices to £28.00 and £33.33 respectively - which is an amazing saving! 

Overall, even though summer is now over, I would still recommend picking up this perfume as it is absolutely divine! It's a great fragrance that is daytime appropriate and not too overpowering. Have you ever tried D&G's Light Blue before? What is your favourite scent right now? Please let me know by popping a comment down below!

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