Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Favourite YouTube Channels For Make-Up Tutorials

I am absolutely addicted to watching make-up tutorials on YouTube! In fact, I am subscribed to so many beauty gurus that I've actually lost count. Sometimes, it's pretty hard to keep up with them all! With that being said, however, there a few gorgeous ladies in particular whose content I watch religiously. I love gaining inspiration from other make-up enthusiasts, picking up tips & tricks, as well as seeing which products are really worth the splurge. Therefore, today, I thought that I would tell you all about my top four favourite YouTube channels are right now...

One of the main reasons that I love watching Shannon's make-up tutorials is the fact that she has the same hair colour and skin tone as me, so she often creates looks that would suit me perfectly! I also love how she experiments with such bright colours too - which makes a change from the amount of neutral looks that a lot of other beauty gurus make.

Kathleen Lights
I discovered Kathleen about 6 months ago and I have been hooked on her videos ever since! Her personality really is what draws me in, as she is so likeable and down to earth. I also love how she creates some really stunning drugstore tutorials - which are great for when you don't want to break the bank to achieve a specific look. Plus, she shares my outrageous obsession for liquid lipsticks too!

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn definitely creates some of my favourite glamourous make-up looks ever! I love how bold she is both in her artistic abilities and her on-screen presence (her positive energy really is infectious!) She really knows her stuff when it comes to products and I love getting her recommendations for highlighters and false lashes in particular. 

Mirella Belle
Something that really kept me coming back to Mirella's channel week after work was the amount of colourful tutorials she makes! She always comes up with the most amazing and innovative eyeshadow looks. Also, she is never afraid to pair bright eyes with a bright lip too - which is something that would have scared me away in the past! However, she manages to pull it off so beautifully!

So, those are my favourite channels for watching make-up tutorials on YouTube! They provide me with so much inspiration. Who are your favourite beauty gurus to watch online? Also, if you know of any other channels that I should be subscribed too, please let me know by leaving a comment down below.