Friday, 28 June 2013

My Month Via Instagram - June 2013

Hi guys! It's come to that time of the month again where I share what I have been up to during the month of June with all of you. This month has been pretty mellow for me as I am focusing on getting my life together and consequently, I have signed up to do some voluntary work at a local ante-natal clinic. With that being said, whilst being busy going through that process, I have had a pretty busy month when it comes to nights out. So, without further a do, here's what I have been up to!

1. My first night out of the month was with my friend Lucy. We decided to go to a nightclub in our hometown that plays alternative music (which is right up my alley as rock is my favourite genre of music.) I was also excited to wear my new dress as pictured above. This really cute tie-dye cut-out dress is from a range in New Look called Cameo Rose and I am obsessed with it. When I wear it, I feel really confident and that is always a good thing! To view the dress on New Look's website, click here.

2. Shortly after, I went on another night out with my friend Danielle. We went to a club about a twenty minutes drive away from where I live which requires you to be a little more dressed up. Danielle came round mine for a few pre-drinks and I ended up doing her entire make-up look complete with some lovely false eyelashes. We both had a really great night and danced the night away, despite the fact that my feet were killing me in my heels. The sacrifices us girls make for fashion, eh?

3. This is just a little snap I took of my gorgeous dog, Sasha. She is a labrador-husky cross and I swear that 50% of my Instagram photos are just of her looking adorable. In this particular shot, she was begging me for food (as per usual) in my kitchen. 

4. This month, my parents went away to Suffolk for the week and so I was left in charge of the house. I am normally quite lazy when it comes to tidying up after myself but I turned into a bit of a domestic goddess throughout the week. Cleaning, cooking, hoovering - you name it, I did it. On one particular afternoon I was feeling a little creative and I ended up making some delicious Devil's Food cupcakes. As you can see from the picture above, they turned out pretty well. I especially love the leopard print cases which I bought in Tesco's, I am a sucker for leopard print items! They tasted divine and I ended up scoffing the whole lot - oops!

5. This is a little bit of a random photo to include but whilst in town on a sunny afternoon the other week, I decided to nip in to Costa and buy a drink to cool me down. I ordered a cranberry & raspberry iced lemonade and it's safe to say, I'm now addicted. Since that day, I have bought another two and they are so good. I highly recommend that you get one if you are passing by!

6. Last but not least is my final night out for this month with my friends Lucy, Harriet and Charlotte (from left to right.) Again, we gathered at my house for some pre-drinks and a gossip before heading out. We also had a bit of a 'glamming up' session where I curled the girls' hair and so on. As you can see, I wore my trusty tie-dye dress once again as I literally cannot get enough of it. This was my favourite night out of the month as me and the girls are rarely all free at the same time to go clubbing all together, especially as Harriet is usually away at university. However, I paid the price for the extremely drunken night the following day, where I was very ill and hungover which was not very pleasant at all!

So, that's it for this month! I hope you all enjoyed reading about what I have gotten up to over the past four weeks. As always, I always appreciate and love reading your comments so please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts below. 


  1. Your dog is so gorgeous! I didn't know you could get a cross of a husky and a labrador! My two favourite types of dogs. My big chocolate lab kicked me out my own bed this morning, how rude x

    1. Thank you! Neither did I until we got her, a very rare mixture! Aw, I love chocolate labs - my cousin has one. Thank you for reading + commenting Hayley :) x