Monday, 3 June 2013

My Month Via Instagram - May 2013

Hi guys! I am sorry that this post is a little late seeing as it is now June (I cannot believe we are almost half way through 2013 already,) however, my Internet has been down ever since my birthday. I was seriously starting to have Blogger withdrawal symptoms so I am happy I am back! Here is what I have been up to all throughout the month of May...

1. At the beginning of this month, my best friend Laura (who is currently living in Germany doing a semester over there) came back to celebrate her birthday in England. I was very excited to have her back in Essex and on this particular day, we did a bit of retail therapy in our local town. This picture was taken in the Topshop changing rooms - I fell in love with this dress. To view the dress on Topshop's website, click here. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to buying this dress but it is definitely on my wish list!

2. As part of Laura's birthday present, I asked my extremely talented friend Corbin to draw a picture of me and Laura so that I could frame it for her. The picture is ridiculously life-like and I love it so much that I even photocopied a copy for myself.

3. I took this photo purely because I have fallen back in love with my black and white polka dot shirt. I have nothing else like this in my wardrobe and teamed with a simple pair of denim shorts and tights, I think this outfit is really cute. I also took quite a lot of time doing my hair and make-up on this day too, as I was seeing a friend in the evening. 

4. The weather has been really nice in England lately (what a shocker!) One sunny Sunday, me and my Mum decided to make lots of cocktail pitchers and soak up the sun. We even finished off our cocktails with cute umbrellas, as you can see in my Mum's hair in the picture above! I rarely spend an entire day away from technology but me and my family, including my Nan, spent the whole day together in the garden and we even had a delicious  BBQ!

5. Again, I took this picture of my dog Sasha on yet another sunny day in my garden. We had been playing with her rope and she looked so happy and smiley, so I decided to grab my phone and take this adorable picture. I think that I have an obsession of uploading photographs to Instagram of my dog!

6. Last but not least, I have purchased yet another John Green book. As you can all probably tell from some of my previous posts, I have become a huge John Green over the past few months and 'Paper Towns' is no exception to this. I am halfway through this book at the moment and once again, I am hooked. I find John Green's style of writing so captivating and after finishing Paper Towns, I am hoping to read 'An Abundance Of Katherines' next.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have got up to over the past month and now that my Internet is back up and running, I will be back to doing regular posts once again!

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