Sunday, 2 March 2014

Forever 21: Spring/Summer Crop Tops

Hi guys. It has been one of those days where I have been browsing through multiple clothing websites, lusting after all of the spring and summer items that have suddenly started to appear. After having a few sunny days (though it's still cold) here in England this week, it has made me long for the summer months where I can simply slip on a floral dress and some sandals! I am a huge fan of crop tops; especially in the summer but all year round too and whilst I was on the Forever 21 website, I saw so many that caught my eye. Therefore, today I thought that I would share with you my favourites from the bunch. 

I absolutely love Forever 21 as a brand due to the fact that their clothing is always on trend, yet it is incredibly inexpensive. Sometimes it's true that you get what you pay for but another great thing about Forever 21 is that they never scrimp on the quality of their items. They are always a good quality fabric that is extremely durable. 

I would say that the only downside to the brand is their sizing. Rather then clothes sizes, Forever 21 label their items as small, medium and large. As I am a UK size 6 to 8, you would think that I would definitely fit into the small category but even some small items are too big for me (crazy right?) So, sometimes I have to guess whether something will actually fit me or not before I decide to buy it. I'm not sure if anybody else has this problem but it is something that I have come across quite regularly. Although the brand do stock some items in an extra small, this is very rare and unfortunately it is never in the items that I actually want. Despite all of this, Forever 21 have some amazing new items at the moment and here are the six crop tops that have made the list, enjoy!

Moi Crop Top - £12.00

I love this top as it is so versatile. It could be worn with skirts, shorts or jeans and is great for a relaxed, everyday look. The fact that it is monochrome is an extra bonus for me seeing as I always seem to predominately wear black and white.

Sweet Thing Floral Crop Top - £5.50

This is probably my favourite top out of all six. It's ditsy, floral print just screams spring/summer and the detailing on the back adds that extra special something that sets it apart from any other floral crop top that I have seen before!

Bored Floral Crop Top - £8.75

I love the way that this item has been styled here. I am a lover of more edgier, rocky outfits and this boxy crop top certainly fits the bill. Plus, you could always throw on the check shirt if it gets chilly (especially with how temperamental the weather is if you live in the UK like me!

Trippy Paris Crop Top - £10.50

This top stood out to me as it resembles the ever so popular designer Céline t-shirts. Also, similarly to the 'Moi' top above, this crop top is very versatile and will go with absolutely anything.

Total Stud Crop Top - £12.75

This item is definitely the dressiest of the bunch and would look amazing on a night out. The gold studs definitely give this top a punky edge too! Personally, I would pair it with some disco pants or some high waisted shorts.

Classic Floral Crop Top - £7.25

Last but certainly not least, this top would be great for everyday and is very casual. I love the combination of the blue flowers against the denim shorts too, it's super flattering!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my six favourite crop tops from Forever 21. Which one was your favourite? Their website is full to the brim with some great stuff right now, so go and check it out if you are after some new spring and summer clothes that will not break the bank!


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