Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Hi guys. Last week, I took a trip to my local Lush store in order to treat myself to a few bits and bobs. Shockingly, up until Christmas I had never tried any Lush products. However, my best friend and my boyfriend both got me some as gifts and from then on, I have become utterly obsessed! I even wrote a post back in January about my first experience with the brand, which you can go and read about here if you are interested. I definitely used to be more of a shower person, but now I much prefer baths because Lush products just make it way more exciting. I just cannot get enough! Knowing that my stash was running out, I knew I had to go into a store myself and grab a few items. Although, believe me, it was a tough decision - I could have bought everything and I was in the store for a very long time! With that being said, I whittled it down to just three products and here is what I think of them.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - £2.50
The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar was one of the products my best friend bought me for Christmas and I am in love with it. Out of every Lush item I have smelt or used, this is without a doubt my favourite so far. It has a lovely, sweet candy floss scent which lingers on your skin for hours. The bar also contains almond and cocoa butter which make your skin so soft. It turns your bath water a soft pink colour and creates a good amount of bubbles depending on how much of the bar you use. Sometimes, to get more uses out of Lush bubble bars, I team them with some ordinary bubble bath so I do not need to use as much of the bar each time.

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb - £3.25
Next up is the product that I was most excited about using. The Dragons Egg Bath Bomb smells exactly like lemon sherbet, which is great because I am a huge lover of citrus scents! The bomb itself fizzes and releases lots of different spots of colour, which are hidden inside the bomb, until it finally turns your bath water a vibrant, orangey gold. The bomb also contains a very fine glitter which stays on your skin all day, which makes it extra special in my book! I really enjoyed using this product as its smell is very invigorating and uplifting, I highly recommend it to anybody who likes fruity scents. It is fun to use and has lots of properties that benefit your skin too!

Brightside Bubble Bar - £4.50
Last but not least is the Brightside Bubble Bar, which is part of Lush's newly released Easter range. However, this bubble bar is apparently going to be part of the permanent range because of its popularity. The bar includes the following ingredients which make up its extremely fruity scent: Sicilian mandarin, bergamont and tangerine. Similar to the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb above, I love citric scents as they are just so fresh and really wake you up. I didn't use too much of the bar as I really want it to last, so my bath water was left a pale orange colour. Although, I still got a great amount of bubbles despite only using a small chunk of product. I can tell that this will definitely be one of my new favourite bath products now that spring is fast approaching! 

So, I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my thoughts on these three wonderful Lush products. I can honestly say that I am becoming a Lush addict! What are your favourite Lush products? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you!


  1. I am so so jealous, it is all so pretty x

    1. They all smell so heavenly Taylor, thank you for reading :) x