Thursday, 29 January 2015

'Love, Tanya' Book Review

Whilst out shopping on Tuesday morning, I decided to pop into Waterstones and pick up popular blogger and YouTuber Tanya Burr's new debut book, 'Love, Tanya.' Luckily, I was able to get the last copy in the store - apparently its been selling like hot cakes (which I am not surprised by!) Without even meaning to, I got so engrossed by the book that I have already read its entirety, and so I thought that I would share my thoughts and opinions on it with my lovely followers!

Ever since Tanya announced that she would be writing a book, I was really excited by the prospect that she would be sharing lots of aspects of her life that we didn't already know about. Within the book, Tanya delves a little deeper into her childhood and how she has grown up over the years. Plus, she has also added some more lighthearted sections to the book too - such as skincare, make-up and baking! There are twelve chapters in total and my two personal favourite topics are Love (where she talks about her relationship with Jim) and Confidence & Happiness (where she talks about learning to love and accept herself.)

The book itself has been put together so well; everything from the colour scheme and photography is perfect! You can really tell how much time and effort Tanya and the people helping her put into making this book so wonderful. Not only is there a gorgeous shot of Tanya at the start of every chapter but there are also so more personal, never seen before photographs too. 

Also, another unique element to the book is that there is the occasional page where you can write about some of your own experiences. For example, within the 'Growing Up: Part Two' chapter, there is a place for you to write about the ten things that have shaped who you have become. Although this may be a fun and interactive aspect for younger readers to make them feel more involved, I personally think that the book is just too nice to write in!

Overall, I think it's safe to say that I really enjoyed this book considering how quickly I read it! As well as enjoying the more heartfelt and personal parts of the book, I also really liked the fun chapters on all things health & beauty too! I also really want to try making one of the recipes in the book, as they all look super yummy and the recipes look easy to follow. To summarise my thoughts, below is a list of pros and cons about 'Love,Tanya.'

Lovely photography
Contains great hints and tips on a wide range of topics
Appealing to a wide age range of girls
High quality design
Reasonable price point

The book is too nice to write in yourself (in my opinion!)

'Love,Tanya' retails at £12.99 and is available Amazon, Waterstones and WH Smith. Will you be getting a copy?


  1. I need to get this book now! I have seen her vlogging about it a lot. I absolutely too love the whole packaging, photo's everything is literally beautiful! <3

    Great review & post, I gave you a follow so, am officially your 61st follower :)

    P.S. I think she mentioned in one of her vlogs; that she has had some help x

    My Blog ❤

    1. I highly recommend it Rebecca :) it's a lovely read and a great book to have on display too! Thank you for following! xx

  2. I've been meaning to pick this up, I love Tanya's videos! x

    Under Blue Lights

    1. It's really worth the spend, I love it and I love Tanya's videos too :) thank you for reading! Xx