Friday, 16 January 2015

NEW IN! Urban Decay's Sheer Revolution Lipstick

The up and coming launch of Urban Decay's new Sheer Revolution lipstick is causing quite a stir in the beauty world at the moment. Everything about this product seems absolutely perfect; the packaging, the shade range and the price point. This lipstick is just a mere part of Urban Decay's new spring 2015 launch, however, as there are another four more new additions to this incredible brand. The other new products are the Naked Skin concealerNaked Skin powder foundation, Moon Dust eyeshadows and the Mascara Resurrection. However, today I have decided to focus on what I think is the most exciting launch out of the five!

The new Sheer Revolution lipstick claims to be a sheer, yet still highly pigmented and shiny version of the classic Revolution lipstick that we all know and love. The product is described as being rich and creamy on the lips, as well as being deemed as buttery smooth upon application too! As far as the ingredients for the lipstick goes, it contains shea butter and jojoba, olive & babassu oils to keep your lips feeling really nourished. The formula also includes something called 'Maxi Lip,' which makes your pout look fuller and plumper!

As for the shade range, there are 10 different colours to choose from within the range. In my opinion, there is definitely a shade in there for everybody as there is a mixture of both neutral and bold colours. One of the main colours that caught my eye is 'Sheer Shame,' which looks like a gorgeous vivid purple shade. Another one of my favourites looking at the swatches below has got to be 'Sheer Streak.' I think that this coral shade will look stunning as we enter into spring and summer!

So far the new spring collection is only featured on the American Urban Decay website, so I'm not sure on what the price of the lipstick will be in the UK yet. Although, with that being said, the product is $22 which converts to about £15 (which is also the same price of the original Revolution lipstick.) So, I'm guessing that would be roughly what the price will be when it eventually hits the British shelves!

Overall, without actually being able to test out the product itself yet, I think that Sheer Revolution is going to be a huge hit judging by the description and the swatches f the product online! What do you guys think? Which shade has caught your attention? Let me know your opinion by leaving a comment below!

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